Pastor Jacob Bul

The life I went through:


I was a former lost boy of Sudan. In 1983 the Sudan civil war broke out many people lost their life.Approximately two million were killed and many people were displaced. We the children were about 10-15-year-old. In 1987 our village was attacked, and we were chase out from the place

to Ethiopia at a Refugee camp called Panyido. We stayed at Panyido for about four years.

However, the war broke out in Ethiopia and we left Ethiopia and came back to Sudan in a

place called Pachela(boarder to Ethiopia). For about six months in Pachela, we left for Kenya and we arrived in the northern Kenya-Kakuma Refugee camp in 1992. While in Kakuma, the united nation UNHCR help resettle us to America and we arrive in 2001.



I was resettled to Chicago Illinois. Once resettled, I had a wonderful time in Chicago, however,  in  September of 2009  the almighty God called me by his name  and by the following day  while I was heading to work during the early morning,   I was involved in car accident( the truck that hit me, left the accident scene). Since that accident of 2009 , my life has never  been the same again in Chicago for years that followed(2010, 2011, 2012), I have Satan ganging against me every day and night and wherever  I go from that time onward,  I have not found peace due to Satan.


In 2012, I had a vision from the lord that a group of my friends gathered

and have a meeting against me by planning a group of gangs to attack me. These friends were within my social circle, we used to go clubbing, gambling, and drinks alcohol together but once the lord drew me closer to him, I had begun to leave behind my social activities  and that has lead my friends to be mad at me and attacked me physically. The abuse was too much for me and cause me to have three court cases with my friends in Chicago. On the first incident, the police warned my friends to never attack me physically, however, they did, and they send a gang after me for the

second incident, with that, I went to court and open a case against my friends. The police investigated them, but they denied saying to police” I don’t know what you are talking about” and the police told me personally that “things are not good Jacob”. With that assured statement from the police, I decided to leave Chicago for Amarillo Texas using the greyhound bus. I used the bus because my car in Chicago was compounded by my friends. I was made unable to retrieve my car due to personal insecurity from my friends in Chicago.


Once I arrived at Amarillo Texas, my Chicago friends continued to send gangs after me, and I became insecure again. I decided to leave Amarillo for Guymon Oklahoma and Dodge City Kansas. Once in Dodge City, I left for few days for Chicago to pick up my Car for Dodge City since I was newly employed by the national beef company in Dodge City, once I picked up the car and while returning to Dodge City, my car caught fire on the highway. I called the police and my car were towed. I then used the metro

to travel to Dodge City for my Job. I stayed in Dodge City for three months while working for the National Beef Company (this was from 9/2012 to



I then left Dodge City on Dec 28th of 2012 to Chicago. I stayed in Chicago until March of 2013. I then took a flight to Dallas Texas.  While in Dallas, the same problem of me being followed by the gangs happened again, so

about a week in Dallas, I took another flight to Salt Lake City Utah. I stayed

for two weeks and the same problem occurred again. I decided and travelled to Tacoma Washington.  The same problem followed me again. Around April/2013, I took airlines flight to Saint Paul- Minneapolis. With all these travelling between cities, I was left with $60 (Sixty Dollars) in my pocket and the same day I went to a shelter in Minneapolis for a sleep.

While in the Shelter, the gangs started to fight me, and I decided to leave the shelter. They chase after me around the city of Minneapolis and at

5:00AM in the morning, I walked away to Saint Paul and I try going to Chicago by walking on I-94. The police stop me and told me you cannot walk on the highway shoulder because the car running 75m/h or 80m/h might hit and kill you. The police then took me into the car and drop me off about a ¼ mile from the Wisconsin boarder. I then asked the police, which


route is heading to Chicago, the police replied” not my Business”. After the drop off, I walked to the intersection of I-94 E and I-90 E and people told me the travel to Chicago is about 6 hours. I continued walking toward Chicago (I walk a lot of miles and the road make U- turn to different direction). After four days of walking, I met a gentleman and he took me to the hotel (he paid the fees for me) to sleep. The following morning, I left and resume my journey toward Chicago.


While walking on the highway, I met other gentlemen and he give me a ride toward Madison Wisconsin. I then walked to Madison and slept there. The following evening, I resume my walk on the highway toward Chicago, while on the walk, the police of Dan County Wisconsin, met me on the highway and took me to Jail for walking on the highway shoulder. I was arrested and arranged for a court hearing. The judge was very honest and sincere, after hearing my case, he ordered for my immediately, and told the police to

show me the way that would allow me to walk to Chicago without going to highway.  The police were dishonest, and they showed me the way that merged with the highway to Chicago. While I waking on the road toward Chicago, I approached the highway and I was confused, I then set down by the road, while seated, someone yelled and  I was scared and I ran toward the highway, I was ambushed and captured by the police on the highway. The police took me to the mental health hospital. The doctor at the hospital, talked to me, asking so many questions and did a general health screening. The doctor found that I was not sick and should be release immediately.

The police decide and took me to a different doctor. Once I was with the different doctor at another hospital, I was admitted by force and I was injected with medication by force. The nurse of the doctor, called the attorney (who became my attorney), and the attorney asked me “do you know why you are here at the hospital?”.  I told the attorney that I was walking on the highway to Chicago. The hospital and the police get a prosecutor attorney, they talked, and I was founded innocent to be still admitted at the hospital. So, my attorney, asked me “do you know anyone in Chicago to pick you up at the hospital to Chicago”, I replied yes, they called him, and he came and picked me up from Madison to Chicago.


And I went to Nagara poll New York broader to Canada by train and I came back to New York city to take airline to Minnesota and transfer to Regina Canada to Nairobi Kenya. Therefore, I came back to Chicago and I went to Tacoma. I went to back to Africa to Nakuru; the almighty God was help me and blessing me and gave and me a lot gift for healing prophecy deliver

and teaching his word and encourage people to believe in God and have a confident for what they do. From that moment, I pray, and the lord God hear my prayer every time. To have peace and love of God, I pray to almighty father for the strength that he has given me to teach his word. Additional to that, I am preaching in Nakuru-Kenya and South Sudan-Juba

and Aweil. The preaching I made heal and I deliver it to many believers and for the Lord as the savior. In 2018, I was ordain to be pastor, and now I have my goal to build a church which mean the name will be call the way, the true and the life ( W T L) church and I was bless to be the founder of peace of father and peace of the son and peace of the holy spirit be with you all. Amen!!  Which is (P FS H). Peace prayer.


The reason I wrote this story, is because to shared with the people and makes the encouragement to them. When you are in distress or in difficulty time, don’t give up try to overcome the problems. Everything happened with the reasons! And may God be with you all. Amen!


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