Rebecca Amou was born in Manyiel Akok Village in South Sudan. She is 38 years old and she currently leaves in Kenya, Nakuru county. She believed in the one of God in the year 1992 and she was baptized by Pastor Sanito Bol Akok in Manyiek Akok. This is the testimony  of  Rebecca, " When i  was 9 years old, I was suffering from unknown disease which my parents and relatives tried everything but i was not cures. I then thought of believing in God to heal me and change my condition.  By 2006, it got worse that i could not walk neither support my self. But our God never disappoints his own children. God gave me a caring and loving husband who always takes care of me and my beautiful family who are equally caring at the same time.  I therefore mean to say that our God is  Powerful and faithful God. He answered our prayers and  if you believe and confess in Him, that Jesus is the only way to the Father. Jesus is the Way, The Truth and The Life. That is what Rebecca has to confess about God .